The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It

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Pretty Little Liars
June 2013

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On the eve of their last year at Rosewood High, an unwelcome new attraction, not to mention a freaky collection of stalkers and strangers, turn the pretty little liars’ dream vacation into a potentially deadly nightmare. Hanna’s father and his new wife can’t use the plush, luxury beachside townhouse they’d rented, so Hanna invites Spencer, Aria and Emily to join her for one last week of carefree, pampered pleasure before facing the strain and pressures of senior year of high school. Well, that’s the plan anyway. But then a handsome spy from Aria’s past begins following her around – is he a potential lover or a traitor hired by her dad to make sure she stays clear of Ezra? Meanwhile, Hanna is set upon by a religious fanatic who is appalled by the pretty little liars. Perhaps worst of all, a creepy nine-year-old psychic confronts the girls in a Jersey shore occult shop and predicts that one of the girls will soon be buried in an underworld of trouble. “But at least she’ll be tasting salt instead of dirt,” is his ominous warning.

Furiously paced and flush with excitement, The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It is a welcome addition inspired by the bestselling Pretty Little Liars TV and mystery series.

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