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The Truth Can Be The Hardest Thing To Tell

June 26, 1862

Charlotte Randolph isn’t sure she can go on with her deception, no matter what her brother says or how noble the cause. How can she tell him that it seems her own name has come to mean “liar” and “traitor”? She is supposed to be a good Southern woman, spying for the Confederate cause, and yet ever since Union soldiers took over her home, it’s been difficult to remember that they’re the enemy. She knows that Captain Ben Chandler, the general’s aide-de-camp, suspects that she has secrets. What if he discovers the truth about little Alexander? What if he finds out that Charlotte’s taking information to the Rebels? And what if he realizes that her interest in him is far more than polite? Secretly engaged to three different Union officers, it’s impossible to deny–she has fallen in love with the only one who can destroy her…

“Love in a time of war is always a compelling theme, and Gwyneth Atlee uses it to her advantage in this complex, engrossing, beautifully written love story with characters who grab onto your heart and don’t let go. This is a must read for fans of Civil War novels and anyone who loves a really gripping story…” –Cathy Maxwell, Romantic Times TOP PICK

Originally published in June 2002

While visiting Tennessee to research novel, a librarian mentioned a nearly forgotten historical tidbit, about a Memphis belle-turned-Confederate spy who became engaged to multiple Union officers during her city’s occupation. Instantly intrigued, I dug up all that I could find, from books to original period diaries and journals, but only scant details remained. Still, my imagination refused to let go of the story, and I couldn’t help wondering how such a young woman might feel about she was doing, what difficulties she encountered, and what on earth would happen if she chanced to fall in love.

Somewhere in the intersection of history and imagination, my novel, Innocent Deceptions, came to life. I hope you’ll enjoy this tale of divided loyalties and the shifting sands of the human heart.

“This soulful heart-wrenching story does not sugar coat the ravages of war. It is a true to life tale that will have you grabbing tissues left and right as this story unfolds. Even though Charlotte was a true Southerner, she discovered eye-opening facts about the Southern way of life. Gwyneth Atlee has written a powerful story that is sure to please even the most exacting history buff.” – Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews

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