Heat Lightning


November 2006

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An unidentified man is terrorizing Luz Maria Montoya. Almost strangled to death outside a deserted parking lot, she has no idea who is the perpetrator of this very personal hate crime. Investigator Grant Holcomb has been assigned to find her attacker, but he makes no secret of his conflicting feelings. As Luz Maria receives threatening phone calls and grisly warnings, part of him wants to protect the sultry Latina, while the other half hopes the escalating tension between them will explode in an electrifying burst of…Heat Lightning.

Though Heat Lightning stands alone, fans of Fade the Heat will enjoy revisiting Reagan Hurley, Luz Maria’s brother, Jack Montoya, and the mean streets of Houston, Texas.

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“Brilliant from start to finish, and an ending that comes right out of left field. The characters are flawed and real, the plot is riveting, and the romance is hot. This is possibly Colleen Thompson’s best thriller to date and is a must-read for readers who enjoy a truly spectacular romantic suspense tale.”- Affaire de Coeur

“An edgy thriller guaranteed to please. Ms. Thompson skillfully delivers engaging characters who will stay in your mind long after the last page, a setting that is a perfect foil for a chilling plot, and an unforgettable love story designed to make you smile. I highly recommend this engrossing and compelling novel to everyone!”- Romance Junkies

“Heat Lightning is a well-written and very compelling story. It has great romance with a buildup that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Ms. Thompson will keep the reader guessing until the very end.”– Romance Readers Connection

“This nicely complicated tale has plenty of edge-of-your-seat suspense. The villain is quite violent and evil, and the mystery moves along at a good pace.”- Romantic Times

“Heat Lightning gets downright unpredictable and eerily emotional. Those two elements, coupled with what I can envision on the big screen as decent acting by some complex secondary characters, make it scary and quite the rollercoaster ride.”- Romance Reader at Heart

“This is a well-written fun damsel-in-distress thriller.”- Harriet Klausner

“Thompson has crafted a top-notch, thrilling romantic suspense.” – New York Times bestseller Allison Brennan

“Heat Lightning  is a page-turner. The whodunit plot is gripping along with the flawed characters you can’t help but fall in love with. Ms. Thompson takes us on a roller coaster ride of mystery and intrigue that will keep every suspense/thriller enthusiast completely satisfied. The sizzling and combustible love story makes this a perfect read. Begin with Fade the Heat and finish with this winner. It’s terrific.”- Fresh Fiction

“With a contemporary Texas setting as hot as Luz Marie’s and Grant’s passionate natures, Heat Lightning fulfills its promise of an action-packed romantic suspense. – Romantic Reviews Today

“Heat Lightning could easily be turned into a script for a movie. The plot line was really well done. Normally, when reading a suspenseful novel, a reader finds themselves thinking they know “who-don-it” long before the end of the story and most of the time they aren’t too far off. With Colleen Thompson’s, however, I have to say my mind changed several times throughout the book as to who was behind the threat and then the final ending was nothing I would have imagined.”- Once Upon a Romance

“Heat Lightning begins with a bang and maintains a fast pace right up to the climax. I thought I had guessed the identity of the perpetrator but was surprised when the identity was revealed.”- Roundtable Reviews

“Thompson takes readers on at a white-hot pace in this gut-churning ride of romantic suspense…This is a thoroughly engaging read that should appeal to a large market, one of those well-written novels often read in one sitting. Thompson is quite accomplished in her technique and her craft. Romantic suspense readers will want to add all of her books to their collections. Best of all, she has another book coming out in the summer of 2007.”- Curled Up With a Good Book

Get the Book That Started It All!

Get the Book That Started It All!

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