Triple Exposure 


July 2008

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A mother’s love. A son’s life snuffed out. A killer at large. Snapshots of reality, except sometimes layered images do not add up to a whole picture of the truth.

Better than anyone, photographer Rachel Copeland knows the camera can lie. That’s how lurid altered pictures of her appeared on the Internet, starting a downward spiral that ended with her shooting a nineteen-year-old stalker in self-defense. Fleeing the press and the threats of an unidentified female caller, she retreats to her remote hometown in the Texas desert. In Marfa, where mysterious lights hover in the night sky, folks are used to the unexplainable, and a person’s secrets are off limits. But recluse Zeke Pike takes that philosophy even further than Rachel herself. In her viewfinder Zeke’s male sensuality is highlighted, his unexpressed longing for human contact revealed. Through a soft-focus lens, she sees a future for them beyond their red-hot affair, never guessing their relationship will expose the lovers to more danger than either can imagine.

  • Rita nominee, Best Romantic Suspense

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Rave Reviews

“Thompson (The Salt Maiden) packs this well-paced thriller full of twists and the local color of a small Texas town…The red herrings are exquisitely placed, and the climax will surprise even the most jaded of suspense readers.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“In this novel the suspense of the romance completely, satisfyingly overwhelms the chills connected with physical threats, though Thompson peppers in chapters from the killer’s P.O.V. But the core of this novel hinges on the lovers: can two people, so wounded by events beyond their control, come together? Can they fight defeat and despair to find joy together?” – Barnes & Noble Review

“Heart-stopping suspense with magnificent portrait of romance as a healing force…Triple Exposure will keep readers guessing until the final heart-stopping resolution.” – Merrimon Book Reviews

“Thompson leads readers on a twisted course through the Texas desert, only to stand the plot on its head again in the finale. The only constant is  the steady revelation of the characters, who are shown in more and more depth with each exposure.” – Romantic Times

“The must do, for any mystery or romantic suspense, is keep the reader on the edge of their seat, Triple Exposure delivers.” – Simply Romance Reviews

“This is  a truly suspenseful story that will capture your attention until the real culprits are revealed. Mystery lovers will go crazy over TRIPLE EXPOSURE, and  rightly so.” – Romance Reviews Today

“TRIPLE EXPOSURE is the fantastic, fast-paced romantic thriller we’ve come to expect from a master storyteller as talented as Colleen Thompson. She always satisfies her readers by delivering unique characters, a spellbinding plot and a passionate love affair. TRIPLE EXPOSURE is jam- packed with enough loop-de-loops to keep you guessing, enough sizzle to make your palms sweat and an ending you have to read to believe. You don’t want to miss this one!” – Fresh Fiction

“This author is fantastic at setting up wonderfully rich suspense plots with twists that will leave the reader hanging until the very last page is turned…I recommend all Colleen Thompson novels as she writes some of the best suspense romances out there, but I will keep a special place on my shelf for TRIPLE EXPOSURE, as it was a great read!” – Romance Reader at Heart

“Triple Exposure is not only a powerful romance but also a rich story about family dynamics and about the grief and forgiveness.  In Triple Exposure, Colleen Thompson writes a tension-filled tale of a multi-layered danger with an eerie connection between landscape and the human mind.   Suspense and romance combine, igniting the hero and heroine with a healing love that transforms, rippling outwards to others and through time, bringing past secrets to new light. ” – Paisley, E-Harlequin

“I know when I read a book by Colleen Thompson I’m going to be glued to every page, enjoying the romance and love of her characters, trying to figure out who the villain is, and never seeing that twist that comes out of left field until it hits me right between the eyes.” – The Good, the Bad, and the Unread

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Get the Book That Started It All!

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