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Colleen Thompson
Printable Booklist

From Montlake Romance:

1. The Off Season (Sept. 2016) When Dr. Christina Paxton receives disturbing messages from the supposedly-murdered mother who abandoned her—delivered on the lips of her own toddler daughter—she must trust a former lover to help her confront the deadly secrets her life is built upon.

2. The Best Victim (April, 2014) After a computer security expert’s sister is driven to suicide by online trolls, her hacking skills are put to work by a disgraced—possible unbalanced—FBI agent obsessed with finding answers to his own wife’s death.
3. Touch of Evil (Mar. 2010) Sheriff Justine Wofford is investigating a mysterious series of hanging “suicides” she believes may be murder. But can she uncover the culprit without divulging her own secrets…including her affair with a handsome ER doctor related to what may well be the next victim? Although TOE stands alone, it builds on characters and events first introduced in Beneath Bone Lake.
4. Beneath Bone Lake (May 2009) Returning from a year of service in Iraq, Ruby Monroe finds her child missing, her house in flames, and no one to turn to but the last man she should trust. 5. Triple Exposure (Aug. 2008) Returning to West Texas after her acquittal in a self-defense killing, photographer Rachel Copeland fears that her problems have followed her home to the desert, where she encounters the reclusive Zeke Pike, a man with secrets of his own. (Rita nominee, Best Romantic Suspense)
6. The Salt Maiden (Dec. 2007) Dana Vanover travels to a tiny, isolated desert town to find her missing artist sister, whose bone marrow is the last chance to save a dying child. But is Sheriff Jay Eversole trying to help Dana… or drive her out of town before she exposes its deadly secrets? (Romantic Times Top Pick, Reviewers Choice nominee for 2007 Best Romantic Suspense)
7. Head On (July 2007) Hospice nurse Beth Ann Decker tends the dying father of the sexy troublemaker responsible for her friends’ deaths and her own horrific injuries years before. But when the hated prodigal, Mark Jessup, returns to town and people start dying, will Beth Ann be able to face the truth head on? (Daphne du Maurier award nominee)
8. Heat Lightning (Dec. 2006) When a stalker makes an attempt on the life of community activist Luz Maria Montoya, there is no shortage of suspects… including the sexy Houston police detective assigned to crack the case. (Follow up to Fade the Heat)
9. The Deadliest Denial (May 2006) At 5:00 AM Claire Winslow answers the knock at the door that every cop’s wife dreads. Relieved to learn her beloved husband Spence is not dead, she instead hears even worse news: Spence has been arrested for conspiracy to commit a murder. And unbelievably, Claire herself is the intended victim.
10. Fade the Heat (Dec. 2005)An arsonist is setting fires in Houston, and firefighter Reagan Hurley is caught up in a web of lies as she tries to help her childhood friend, Dr. Jack Montoya, before his career goes up in flames. But as the sparks fly between the two, will Reagan survive the secrets she uncovers? Has connected book, Heat Lightning. (FTH – Publishers’ Weekly starred review)
11. Fatal Error (Nov. 2004) West Texas gossip insists Susan Maddox has gotten away with murdering her missing husband. With her life crumbling, someone out to kill her, and her only hope of salvation in a damaged hard drive, Susan turns to her brother in law, Luke Maddox, the handsome high school bad boy from her past. (Rita nominee, Best Romantic Suspense, Winner Texas Gold Award, Best Mainstream Novel.)

Kindle Worlds Novella:

1. The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It: Featuring the fictional world and characters of ABC Family Network’s Pretty Little Liars, TJDMMDI was a launch title for Amazon’s Kindle Worlds publishing program.

From Harlequin Enterprises:

1. “Rescuing the Bride” in Cowboy Christmas Rescue (November 2015, Harlequin Romantic Suspense)

2. Lone Star Redemption, (June 2014, Harlequin Romantic Suspense)

3. Lone Star Surrender, (Dec. 2014, Harlequin Romantic Suspense)

4. The Colton Heir (Nov. 2013, Harlequin Romantic Suspense): Book 5 in The Coltons of Wyoming miniseries
5. Passion to Protect (Nov. 2012, Harlequin Romantic Suspense) With her abusive marriage behind her, Liane Mason brought her children home to Wolf River Lodge in a search for peace – a peace she can maintain only by keeping a cool distance from former hotshot firefighter Jake Whittaker. But when her children become hostages in a murderous plan, Jake is the only one she can turn to. And while love may never die, a passionate hatred can kill. In a battle of love versus vengeance, which side will win?
6. Relentless Protector (Sept. 2012, Harlequin Intrigue) Former army ranger Cole Sawyer reacts on instinct when he sees beautiful young widow Lisa Meador pull a gun at the bank. He foils the robbery, but when Lisa screams as the real robbers take off with her son, he realizes that things aren’t what they seem. Driven by a painful secret, Cole makes the split-second decision to join forces with Lisa and trail the criminals across Texas
7. Phantom of the French Quarter (Sept. 2011, Harlequin Intrigue) Marcus Le Carpentier was a phantom in the night, a man who let no one in and always kept a low profile. So when he accidentally witnessed a beautiful local woman stumble upon a dead body, the last thing Marcus planned on was getting involved. He’d done that before…and had been living with the dangerous consequences ever since. But since leaving a very frightened Caitlyn Villaré alone didn’t sit well with Marcus, he promised to help and then return to the shadowy corners of New Orleans, alone. Unfortunately, Caitlyn’s discovery brought a killer out of hiding and Marcus was thrust back into the limelight, protecting Caitlyn, hunting down a madman—and failing to find all the usual reasons why it would be best if he walked away…
8. Capturing the Commando (May 2011, Harlequin Intrigue) Shannon Brandt’s mission had failed—spectacularly. Instead of arresting AWOL Ranger Rafe Lyons, the merciless commando had kidnapped her—a tough, experienced FBI agent. Worse, she’d agreed to a deal with the devil and promised to help Rafe recover his abducted niece.
9. Deadlier than the Male (Nov. 2010, Silhouette Romantic Suspense): Colleen’s novella “Lethal Lessons” is paired with NYT bestselling Sharon Sala’s “The Fiercest Heart” in this special 2 in 1 edition

Gwyneth Atlee Historical Romances (originally published by Kensington/Zebra):

1. Touched by Fire (1999)
2. Night Winds (2000)
3. Canyon Song (2000)
4. Against the Odds (2001)
5. Trust to Chance (2001)
6. Innocent Deceptions (2002)
7. Dangerous Attractions (2003)

Get the Book That Started It All!

Get the Book That Started It All!

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